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Sunday, December 20, 2009


So this morning I woke up and logged in to my Nuffnang site, just to check out the analytics, hmm something weird somewhere. Not to mention the drastic graph traffic display this week : from 0-0-0 to 50-77-66-139 heheh.. That's just for Video of the Day's blog alone.

Oh.. my membership status.. Glitterati. Glitterati?? Yeay! Finally!

Although I don't understand why must I be happy about it.

Maybe because according to Loyalty Program, exclusive Nuffnangers earns more than ordinary members. The Payment Rates (CPC) is minimum RM 0.25 per click than RM 0.15 for non-exclusives.

Actually it does not matter much, except I'm excited about my status change, for now. There's a lot to be learn about Glitterati. :)


pricon said...

Wah... congrats!
Klu traffic blh kasi sibuk lagi, boleh la jadi jutawan cyber hehehe.

Tupai Karan said...

Nk dpt $$ camnanya.. blog ni bkn jenih buleh bt duit pun.. wuu

pricon said...

Ha'ah, tp klu lepaih duit tepung susu pn ok gak kan? Heheh...

Mr Nohara said...

tahniah2! rmai dh org dtg kat blog tuan.. sye plak msh lg trkial2 dlm arena blogging nih.. dh dkt 2 bln jgk but.. traffic msh lg slow.. plng rmai pun 1 ari 37org.. blh bg tips utk up trafic x? plz... jgn lupa singgah ke blog saya k? nt blh bg pndpt cmne utk tlg up kn lg trfic kat blog sya.. plz ye bos..

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