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Friday, July 15, 2011

Update Location Di Facebook : Where's The Fun

I just love to stalk my friends' status updates. Eh, observe la. Observe. One thing that's so obvious is friends updating WHERE they are.

Just that I kenot brain where's the fun in doing so?

"Hey it's not about fun whatnot, it's about informing my friends where I am so if anything happen etc they know how to reach me"


So, if I ever need to meet/talk with you, I have to skim aaaalll the way through your facebook profile just to know HOW AND WHERE TO REACH YOU?

Whatever happens to angkat talipon bukak phonebook then CALL OR SMS? You don't have a portable handphone izzit? How in the world did you manage to update your location via mobile web? Oh aku paham. Your phone doesn't have SMS/CALL function installed. Ok.

Bleh. Actually what i'm saying here is about your SECURITY AND SAFETY. Let's say la there's someone with a grudge against you decide to take action today. Just wait for you to update where you are, and then, "just wait for me, got a nice little surprise for yaw". Buatnya orang tu mental nak simbah asid ke, nak pi mencabul ke, they have no problem in finding out your location.

"But i.. I am a nice person. I have no enemy."

Ok fine nice person, I'm #justsaying. Tak salah beringat-ingat keselamatan kan?

So to be fair. let me update my location now :