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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


These probably the things that annoy you everytime you log into Yahoo Messenger.

- You are invisible, yet somehow other contact in your list knows that and greets you.

- You are somewhat forbidden to chat with other friends by some particular person in your list, yet s/he's happily chatting with his/her friends.

- You are forced to reply quickly in every conversation, yet you got delayed replies. Very OBVIOUS.

- Your friend is invisible, but greets you. Seems like s/he does not want to be disturbed, yet you are being disturb by him/her.

- Continuous chat without an opportunity for you to end it without hurting his/her feelings.

- A new contact added you, and you accepted, thinking that person might be someone you know. Ends up having to GUESS this and that before the particular person reveals him/herself. (Sometimes not)

- Contacts that see you as someone that will sure REPLY and spend time chatting with them. Yes, you have no life and no chores to do other than entertaining them.

- Buzz-happy friends. No more proper greetings, just buzz buzz buzz..

- Yes, there is a "BUSY" option available, maybe you are the only person in this world to be aware of what it means. Ngeh3..

- SPAMMING. Need i say more?

I advise you all out there, at least change your visibility to "AVAILABLE" before you disturb any of your online friends. Learn some ethics!!!